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Big L 6-18

posted Jun 19, 2022, 1:12 PM by Tony Dominguez

What a day!!! it was hot, a ton of mosquitoes, water was pumping and moving and the bite was slow, except for a few. Ozzie got his first win, and laid the smack down on everyone, he came in with 15.56 and Clayton had big bass for 5.28. Ozzie and Mike Turner took calcutta with 21.06lbs and Mike Santos staying hot on the co-angler side with another first place win with 7.50. Ozzie also took the 6 month big bag pot with 16.63. Bring your 25 dollars for the big bag next month if you want in. See below for the full results. Next month's tournament will be out of Holiday Park from 6p-2a. 

Also, those of you interested, we are doing our first team tournament out of Little L from 6p-2a on July 9th. Contact Eddy and let him know your teams. This again is separate from the club. It will be 80 dollars per boat with a optional 20 dollar big bass pot.

1st Ozzie 15.56
2nd Clayton 9.86
3rd Chris 8.28

Co Anglers
1st Mike S 7.50
2nd Mike T 5.08
3rd Sam 4.97

Big Bass
Clayon 5.28

Ozzie and Mike T 21.06

6 Month big bag
Ozzie 16.63

Big L / Little L Choice

posted Jun 2, 2022, 2:50 PM by Tony Dominguez

Better late than never. Well Little L has been opened for a few months and most of the boats went that way, while others went to Big L. It was a relatively slow day for some of us, except two of us. Clayton and Dr. Phil aka Dave Felipe, got on them. They took it all. First place on both sides of the field, calcutta and big bass. Clayton had 17.20lbs, Dr Phil had 11.40lbs. Clayton had big fish for 6.10 and they had a combined weight of 28.6 lbs. Congrats on a well deserved win for both of them. Next month's tournament will be Big L 4a-12p. See you there!

1st Clayton 17.2
2nd Rex 11.14
3rd Flip 10.70

1st Dr. Phil 11.40
2nd Mike T 11.20
3rd Mike S 9.40

Big Bass
Clayton 6.10

Clayton and Dr. Phil 28.6

Congrats to all the winners!!

Holey Lands

posted Apr 23, 2022, 8:07 AM by Tony Dominguez

First, sorry I haven't written anything up in a while. Work has me super busy plus....LIFE. Any who this tournament was a tough one....for some. I was wrong saying the winning weight would be 5lbs for five fish. Even though that was about average weight. One specific Triton got on them though, he's a dude about 5'5" on a good day, and 100 lbs soaking wet. Yes, that's me. My partner was able to put it together towards the end, I was getting nervous for him. Results are posted and the Tournament report is below. Congrats to all the winners. Next month will be at Big L/ Little L choice.

1st - Tony - 13.22
2nd - Chris - 9.03
3rd - Flip - 6.57

Co- Anglers
1st - Mike S - 6.28
2nd - Nick - 5.69
3rd - Mike W - 3.10

Big Bass
Nick - 4.47

Tony and Mike S - 19.50

Congrats again.

Sawgrass 1-15

posted Jan 16, 2022, 11:28 AM by Tony Dominguez

It was awesome having the entire club out this weekend.  It was good to see Drew out fishing with us, only we're not going to Sundays after what he did lol. It was a tough day, but Drew found the big girls. Next month is at Sawgrass on Sunday February 20th from safelight - 3p. We also have the kid's tournament on February 19th at Big L from 8a-12p. Remember this is for 10 points. I need to get a head count of boats and kids, so we can figure out food, drinks and trophies. 

Congrats to all the winners this weekend.

1st Drew - 15.57
2nd Rex - 8.88
3rd Tony - 6.60

1st Mike S - 5.13
2nd Mike W - 4.52
3rd Nick - 3.70

Big Bass
Drew - 5.50

Drew and Mike T - 17.53

Til next time


Slims 12-18

posted Dec 19, 2021, 7:05 AM by Tony Dominguez

No reason to beat around the bush here...
   WHAT A FISH!!! Rex came in with a 9.14 big bass and a 24.65lb bag. I'd say that was a whooping, seeing how second place was less that half of that weight. Good job and congrats again Rex.
It was a pretty tough day, but for me, I am glad I got more than 5 bites and finally got my first and second frogging fish landed in the boat. Thanks to Nick for taking me to school! 
    Mike Santos is also coming in quietly, seems like someone learned how to fish, haha. Probably need to get your own boat, I don't know how many more anglers are going to let you be guided around. Let's also congratulate Mike W for finally making it to the lake to fish. Seems like every shot he has had to fish the lake he has some bad juju and never makes it.
    Anyways next month is Sawgrass safelight to 230 on January 15th. See you guys there!

Rex - 24.65
Ralf - 11.89
Eddy - 10.91

Mike S - 15.32
Mike W - 10.51
Nick - 9.13

Rex 9.14

Slims 11-20

posted Nov 21, 2021, 7:48 AM by Tony Dominguez

Well glad that is over. What a day! Some of us got wetter than others and it was one of those days; "do I leave my rain gear on or take it off". Congrats to the winners who found the fish! Remember next month you need to pay your dues or all points will be forfeited. The next meeting is also our End of Year party, so bring your white elephant gifts. We also need a headcount for food so please have this number by the Classic Championship on the 11th of December. Family is welcomed to the party. 

1st Rex 11.99
2nd Raf 9.65
3rd Eddy 4.71

1st Nick 13.00
2nd Mike T 6.22
3rd Jody 5.20

Big Bass
Nick 4.30

Tight lines


2021 Final Standings

posted Oct 17, 2021, 2:37 PM by Tony Dominguez

It's been a while since I have updated anyone with some news. It's been really hectic around here. Anyways our 2021 season has come to an end with the exception of the classic tournament to bring the season to a complete close.
Our final tournament was a two day local Slims on Saturday and Big L on Sunday. Both days were tough but Sunday was absolutely brutal, and the results show it. 

Totals from the weekend are as follows:

1st Rex - 13.70
2nd Eddy - 12.48
3rd Tony - 12.39

1st Jody - 11.35
2nd Nick - 7.46
3rd Mike S - 4.87

Rex - 3.76

The season final stats are as follows:

 1st Rex 
2nd Tony
3rd Eddy

1st Mike S
2nd Mike T
3rd  Jody

Big Bass
Tony - 8.66

Congrats to all on the weekends tournament and the Season final standings. 

Next month we start our season with the Veteran's Day parade followed by our tournament on Nov 20th at Slims from 6a-3p. Our officers for the 2022 season are below. 

Until next time!


President - Danny
VP/Tournament - Tony
Secretary - Arie
Treasurer - Eddy

April Away

posted Apr 19, 2021, 10:13 AM by Tony Dominguez

This was a fun and good turnout for an away tournament. Some of us had more fun than others. It was good to sit down and have dinner with everyone also. Thanks again Ozzie for all the appetizers. The lake was tough yet again, and the water is coming down. It's been a while since I have seen people trying to get up in shallow water, whether they just can't do it, OVERHEAT, send their non boater to the front to get the bow down or just idling out and in. One specific red Stratos was on fire this weekend. Day one had big bass, first place co-angler and calcutta, second day first place angler, big bass and calcutta. Good Job Felipe Bros! Below you will find the total results from the weekend. Til next time!



John "Flip" -  27.80
Chuck - 23.67
Rex - 18.31

Co- Anglers
David - 14.76
Jody - 9.65
Jordan - 5.42

Big bass
David - 7.97

Sawgrass 2-20

posted Feb 21, 2021, 8:02 AM by Tony Dominguez

The morning started off cold, and then got colder and windier. None the less we had a pretty good turn out. 11 boats and 15 anglers. We weighed in 68 bass and release 64 for a total weight of 116.64. Winning weights are below. Congrats to all the winners!

1st Rex - 17.96
2nd Tony - 9.95
3rd Chuck - 8.00

1st Jose - 15.21
2nd - Mike S - 4.05
3rd - Mike T - 3.43

Big Bass
Rex - 6.25

See y'all next month. Meeting is March 18th and the tournament is the 20th out of Slims, Safelight to 3.

Tight Lines


Slims 1-16

posted Jan 16, 2021, 3:32 PM by Tony Dominguez

Holy moly was it cold this morning!!!! We had a total of 9 boats, and 13 anglers. The day was pretty slow for most of us, but it was a decent turn out as far as weight goes. We as a club weighed in a total of 62 bass for 134.11 lbs. Big fish went to new member Ozzie for 7.12 lbs. There were a total of 12 limits caught.

1st - Andrew - 11.87
2nd - Tony - 11.63
3rd - Ralf - 11.62

Co- Anglers
1st - Jody - 10.99
2nd - Dylan(Andrew's guest) - 8.99
3rd - Mike T. - 8.94

Big Bass
Ozzie 7.12

Congrats to all.

Next month will be at Sawgrass from safelight to 3p on February 20th.

Until next time


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