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April Away

posted Apr 19, 2021, 10:13 AM by Tony Dominguez

This was a fun and good turnout for an away tournament. Some of us had more fun than others. It was good to sit down and have dinner with everyone also. Thanks again Ozzie for all the appetizers. The lake was tough yet again, and the water is coming down. It's been a while since I have seen people trying to get up in shallow water, whether they just can't do it, OVERHEAT, send their non boater to the front to get the bow down or just idling out and in. One specific red Stratos was on fire this weekend. Day one had big bass, first place co-angler and calcutta, second day first place angler, big bass and calcutta. Good Job Felipe Bros! Below you will find the total results from the weekend. Til next time!



John "Flip" -  27.80
Chuck - 23.67
Rex - 18.31

Co- Anglers
David - 14.76
Jody - 9.65
Jordan - 5.42

Big bass
David - 7.97

Sawgrass 2-20

posted Feb 21, 2021, 8:02 AM by Tony Dominguez

The morning started off cold, and then got colder and windier. None the less we had a pretty good turn out. 11 boats and 15 anglers. We weighed in 68 bass and release 64 for a total weight of 116.64. Winning weights are below. Congrats to all the winners!

1st Rex - 17.96
2nd Tony - 9.95
3rd Chuck - 8.00

1st Jose - 15.21
2nd - Mike S - 4.05
3rd - Mike T - 3.43

Big Bass
Rex - 6.25

See y'all next month. Meeting is March 18th and the tournament is the 20th out of Slims, Safelight to 3.

Tight Lines


Slims 1-16

posted Jan 16, 2021, 3:32 PM by Tony Dominguez

Holy moly was it cold this morning!!!! We had a total of 9 boats, and 13 anglers. The day was pretty slow for most of us, but it was a decent turn out as far as weight goes. We as a club weighed in a total of 62 bass for 134.11 lbs. Big fish went to new member Ozzie for 7.12 lbs. There were a total of 12 limits caught.

1st - Andrew - 11.87
2nd - Tony - 11.63
3rd - Ralf - 11.62

Co- Anglers
1st - Jody - 10.99
2nd - Dylan(Andrew's guest) - 8.99
3rd - Mike T. - 8.94

Big Bass
Ozzie 7.12

Congrats to all.

Next month will be at Sawgrass from safelight to 3p on February 20th.

Until next time


Slims Tournament 12-19

posted Dec 19, 2020, 3:35 PM by Tony Dominguez

Although it was a cold run in the morning and some of us stayed in jackets all day, it turned out to be a pretty decent day. We finally have some respectable weights to talk about. As a club we weighed in 51 bass, 8 limits for a grand total of 114.50lbs and big bass was 6.19. Congrats to the below on their winnings!

1st Ralf - 15.82
2nd Chunky - 15.52
3rd Rex - 13.44

1st Jody - 10.71
2nd Mike - 9.82
3rd Kevin - 8.55

Big Bass
Ralf - 6.19

Congrats to all!! See you next month. Meeting is Jan 14th and tournament is the 16th at Slims 6a-3p.


L/M Classic

posted Dec 5, 2020, 2:01 PM by Tony Dominguez

WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!! is all I need to say. Right when you think fishing couldn't get any harder. This was brutal without a doubt, but like they say a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. It was as beautiful day nonetheless. I have nominated that Eddy is no longer allowed to vote for the Classic locations. I will wait for a second. First he chose this location for the classic, then the fishing was horrendous, and then we get a visit from the federalies, haha. There were two limits caught and we had 100% live release. We weighed in a total of 24.46lbs with 20 bass caught as a club. Congrats to all the winners, this brings last season to a true end. The following was the final results.

1st - Jeff - 7.21
2nd - Rex - 4.94
3rd - Eddy - 4.22

Big Bass - Jeff - 5.42

Remember the meeting/ End of Year party on December 17th. It starts at 7p at the VFW and give Eddy a headcount so he can make sure there is enough food. The meal will be the steak night from the VFW. Also, bring your gifts for the white elephant.

The tournament is December 19th out of Slims from 6a-3p.


Season Kickoff

posted Nov 22, 2020, 10:23 AM by Tony Dominguez

Well did anyone receive a tide chart for Little L. The water was up to the top of the ramp, and you could venture off and explore areas that you couldn't before. Was that the case, NOPE! We all stuck to our roots and fished the canal. Ralf sandbagging everyone, "I got one good one". That good one ended up looking like a giant, even though it was, compared to the rest of the bigger fish. Ralf weighed in a 6.58lb bass. GOOD JOB Buddy! Ralf also took first place with 3 fish weighing in at 9.95lbs. Second went to myself with 8.30 and third went to Rex with 8.05. On the co-angler side, Jose took first with 4.53, followed by newcomer Jordan with 3.65 and Mike in third with .97. There were only a total of two limits caught. We weighed in 31 bass for a combined weight of 53.54.

Next tournament is the Classic. It will be at Loxahatchee from 6a-2p. To those that didn't qualify, you can still show up, there will be a side pot. To everyone remember this is for 10 points, so even though you didn't make it come out and have some fun to claim your points. 

Boat order will go in order of the final standings from last season. As far as pairings, we can figure it out at the ramp or Dade Corners. Boat check will be at 530 at the ramp. 

Til next time.


End of 2019-20 Season

posted Oct 18, 2020, 4:34 PM by Tony Dominguez

Well this season has come to an end. What a run it was. We had some tough times, and some tough fishing. This past weekends tournament was a two day local. Saturday was out of Slims and Sunday was out of L29. Both days were probably equally as tough for everyone except a few. Below are the results from each day, followed by the overall totals. Below that you will find the final standings for this season. We still have the classic in December to complete this season, but for now it was a great season and time for the 2020-21 season to begin. We will be fishing our first tournament at Little L from 4a-12p on November 21st. See you out there!!!


1st Chris - 12.88
2nd Tony - 9.86
3rd Rex - 9.66

1st Jody - 9.45
2nd Eddy - 8.63
3rd Mike - 7.90

Big Bass 
Eddy - 2.88


1st Tony - 5.04
2nd Danny - 4.34
3rd Rex - 3.81

1st Nickos - 10.20
2nd Jody - 7.33
3rd Jose 4.41

Big Bass
Nickos - 4.81


1st Tony - 14.90
2nd Rex - 13.47
3rd  Chris - 12.88

1st Jody - 16.78
2nd Nickos - 13.53
3rd Eddy - 8.63

Big Bass 
Nickos - 4.81

So onto the final standings.

1st Rex - 507 points
2nd Jeff - 501 Points
3rd Tony - 497 Points

1st Jody - 409 Points
2nd Nick - 393 Points
3rd Mike - 367 Points

Big Bass of the Season
Chunky - 7.04 Lbs

Thanks for everyone's participation, I'll see you next season.


August Tournament

posted Aug 16, 2020, 9:49 AM by Tony Dominguez

Where in the world has all the good night fishing gone???? If that first line doesn't tell you how the night least for me and my co-angler Jose. It was a tough one yet again, someone even took a little siesta on the his boat. The best thing is there were no zeros this month. There were a total of 5 limits caught, 36 bass caught and released for a total of 96.01 lbs. Big Bass was 5.38.

Results as follows
1st Jeff - 18.32
2nd Rex - 15.23
3rd Eddy - 12.84

Co- Anglers
1st Nick - 12.78
2nd Jody - 11.46
3rd Jose - 2.14

Big Bass
Jeff - 5.38

Next month will be Big L/ Little L choice from safelight to 2p. Weigh in will be at Little L Ramp. See you then!


July Tournament

posted Jul 20, 2020, 8:23 AM by Tony Dominguez

Let's start with the President forgot about the meeting, but I still rewarded everyone with meeting points. There were a couple things to go over but we didn't have time.

First the 6 month big bag has restarted and I have put everyone in it for now. Next month bring your 25 bucks if you want in on it, or you can pay it monthly and it will be 30 bucks. Anyone who doesn't pay anything next month you will not be in on the big bag pot.

Next the first half of the big bag pot goes to Jeff, with 22.68. Congrats fine sir!

Next month's tournament will be at Alley West on August 15th from 6p-1a. We will decide on the Club Meeting location and time the week of the tournament.

On to the results from this weekend. It was tough and slow, even after pre-fishing two weekends in a row. Good thing is I learned a couple things, but conditions were different and I had to switch it up. Anyways, I felt like Jaden Smith from Karate Kid, put the jacket on, take it off, put it on, take it off, with all the rain that kept coming through. One storm put a couple of us under the bridge for about 30 min. The outcome of the tournament wasn't that great for what Aerojet usually produces at night. 18 bass were weighed in for a total of 42.36lbs and big bas was 4.86.

Here are the results.
1st Tony - 11.62
2nd Rex - 10.44
3rd Jody - 6.67

Big Bass Tony - 4.86

The running for angler of the year is close. In order, Rex with 392 points, Jeff with 391 points and Tony with 389 points.
Co- angler of the year running is Mike with 267 points, Nick with 264 points and Jody with 257 points.

Good luck to all as we approach the end of the season. Still have plenty of time for things to switch up. Until next month. Tight Lines


Late post for June

posted Jul 11, 2020, 11:00 AM by Tony Dominguez

First and foremost my apologies for a super late post. I have been having difficulties logging on to the website to edit the pages. Anyways, first congrats to Ralf for his win at Alley West with a nice bag coming in at 20.83. He also had big bass for 6.31. Second and third went to Rex with 19.72 and Jeff with 19.55.
It was a tough least for me. It started with a run all the way out west, to only find out I left all my food in the truck. Then it followed by not a single bite until 11pm. We weighed in 29 fish with 100% live release. There were 12 of us fishing and we had a combined total weight of 97.79.

We held the club meeting right before the tournament began. Two drops are still in effect even though we missed two tournaments this season. Jody was voted into the club. Next meeting we will have to vote in Chuck. We also have two possible new members...if they can get the vote in...Bill and Danny.

The results have been posted for the 6 month big bag....the winner is Jeff with 22.68. Congrats to you fine sir. The standings for the season so far are also posted. We have a pretty tight running. Jeff in first with 340, Rex in second with 338, and Tony in third with 332.

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