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2-20 Tournament

posted Feb 16, 2020, 10:18 AM by Tony Dominguez
Someone explain to me how Chunky just randomly shows up and we donate to him??? Chunky next time that's not happening, not saying it's going to be me that'll do it but someone will, haha. The day was windy and slow, it would rain, stop, the get really hot and about the time you took off your rain get from borderline heat exhaustion, it would start raining again. The morning started off rough for me with a blown tire, but luckily it happened at the ramp. Then after the tournament, finding our your spare is flat, then having to borrow a spare, to then borrow another one, then noticing your hub is loose, I would say that's a little rough day. Luckily 2nd place and big fish will pay for some of the repair costs. Anyways here are the results

Chunky - 12.06
Tony - 10.17
Jeff - 9.42

Nick - 4.43
Clint - 3.64
Jody - 2.78

Big Bass 
Tony - 4.39

Next tournament will be March 21st out of Holiday Park from 6a-3p. See you there!!

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