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Big L / Little L Choice

posted Jun 2, 2022, 2:50 PM by Tony Dominguez
Better late than never. Well Little L has been opened for a few months and most of the boats went that way, while others went to Big L. It was a relatively slow day for some of us, except two of us. Clayton and Dr. Phil aka Dave Felipe, got on them. They took it all. First place on both sides of the field, calcutta and big bass. Clayton had 17.20lbs, Dr Phil had 11.40lbs. Clayton had big fish for 6.10 and they had a combined weight of 28.6 lbs. Congrats on a well deserved win for both of them. Next month's tournament will be Big L 4a-12p. See you there!

1st Clayton 17.2
2nd Rex 11.14
3rd Flip 10.70

1st Dr. Phil 11.40
2nd Mike T 11.20
3rd Mike S 9.40

Big Bass
Clayton 6.10

Clayton and Dr. Phil 28.6

Congrats to all the winners!!