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July 18 Slims

posted Jul 20, 2015, 3:21 PM by Andrew Rodriguez
Slims, still not sure how that got voted in. All I know is i'm never missing another meeting again. We should have been in Aero Jet in July but all of you already know that. Just ask whoever it was who got stuck in Boyscout Cut. Anyways, Great job to our newest member and future Tournament Director "Chaz" for coming in 1st Place, Angler and overall with 11.81 lbs. 2nd place Angler was Chris Wilton with 10.69 lbs. 3rd place Angler was Gunny himself with 8.66 lbs and Big Bass with a 4.36 lb Hawg. "Great job Gunny". Out of the Co Anglers we had Drew in 1st place with 8.09. 2nd place Co Angler was Tony Dominguez with 6.83, And Jose Dominguez came in 3rd with 6.72. Great job everyone. Except for Sam of coarse. Sam is cursed and Slims officially hates him. He locked his keys in his car and thought he lost him. After 30 minutes and 24 locksmith's we were able to get his keys out of the car. Almost as bad as me shooting Gunny's boat. Actually no, Shooting the boat is probably worse than anything that can happen this year, And the year after that, And the year after that... Eventually I will do something to amaze myself and beat it. Eventually...