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Late post for June

posted Jul 11, 2020, 11:00 AM by Tony Dominguez
First and foremost my apologies for a super late post. I have been having difficulties logging on to the website to edit the pages. Anyways, first congrats to Ralf for his win at Alley West with a nice bag coming in at 20.83. He also had big bass for 6.31. Second and third went to Rex with 19.72 and Jeff with 19.55.
It was a tough least for me. It started with a run all the way out west, to only find out I left all my food in the truck. Then it followed by not a single bite until 11pm. We weighed in 29 fish with 100% live release. There were 12 of us fishing and we had a combined total weight of 97.79.

We held the club meeting right before the tournament began. Two drops are still in effect even though we missed two tournaments this season. Jody was voted into the club. Next meeting we will have to vote in Chuck. We also have two possible new members...if they can get the vote in...Bill and Danny.

The results have been posted for the 6 month big bag....the winner is Jeff with 22.68. Congrats to you fine sir. The standings for the season so far are also posted. We have a pretty tight running. Jeff in first with 340, Rex in second with 338, and Tony in third with 332.