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Slims 12-18

posted Dec 19, 2021, 7:05 AM by Tony Dominguez
No reason to beat around the bush here...
   WHAT A FISH!!! Rex came in with a 9.14 big bass and a 24.65lb bag. I'd say that was a whooping, seeing how second place was less that half of that weight. Good job and congrats again Rex.
It was a pretty tough day, but for me, I am glad I got more than 5 bites and finally got my first and second frogging fish landed in the boat. Thanks to Nick for taking me to school! 
    Mike Santos is also coming in quietly, seems like someone learned how to fish, haha. Probably need to get your own boat, I don't know how many more anglers are going to let you be guided around. Let's also congratulate Mike W for finally making it to the lake to fish. Seems like every shot he has had to fish the lake he has some bad juju and never makes it.
    Anyways next month is Sawgrass safelight to 230 on January 15th. See you guys there!

Rex - 24.65
Ralf - 11.89
Eddy - 10.91

Mike S - 15.32
Mike W - 10.51
Nick - 9.13

Rex 9.14