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Kissimmee troubled waters......

Man, what a 2-day away that was. Let's start down the line, if I forgot anything add it in.

-Friday pre fishing, water was dirty, it was hot and didn't even get a bite.

-Saturday day 1 of tournament, hot but manageable. but the trouble started.

- Flip & Dr. Dave - Lower unit blown.

- Ozzie & Mike- Engine won't go past idle.

- Chris & Arrie- Arie lost rod overboard.

- Myself & Nick- Shifter will not go back to neutral.

- Thunder storm rolled in at night.

-Sunday day 2, windy in AM and lots of boats in the water.

- Rex & Mike W.- Boat sank at ramp.

- Clayton & John- Trolling motor cable broke

- Mike T.- Went home early and blew a tire.

- On the way home major Thunderstorm rolled in with tornadoes.

- Major accident on 60 held two teams there for a long time in traffic.

- We got a rear flat on truck and had to change in middle of storm.

- 27 looked like you were playing a video game of don't hit the barrels all over the road, tree debris, signs and anything else the wind blew.

Other then that it was still better than a day at work!!!! LOL

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